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Do I need a rootserver to run a custom map?

Root server with console access is not required. Gameservers from hosting companies (such as PingPerfect, Nitrado, Bluefang, …) usually work fine.

Are there any mods or scripts required on server side to run custom maps?

No. You’ll have to replace the terrain files of the gameserver. However, they’re used to startup the server for the first time after map installation only.

Are there any mods or scripts required on client side to play on custom maps?

No. Custom maps are fully compatible with an unmodified game client.

Is the original database structure changed in any way?

No. The database structure is untouched. FeudalTools adds records to existing tables in a similar way the game would do if you terraform in-game manually.

Are custom maps safe for future game patches and updates?

There’s not much of a risk unless the developers decide to completely change the way terraforming works. Since FeudalTools was launched, the game has had many patches. None of them required custom map servers to wipe for the reason they had a custom map yet. But as we don’t know what future will bring, there can’t be promises with 100% certainty at this point.

Can I use a custom map for my single player game?

A selection of the most popular maps are available in the form of pre-generated savegames on the downloads page.