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I can’t add my server to Server Manager because FeudalTools can’t connect to my database. Why?

Make sure your database and your servers firewall allow remote connections. Try connecting from your home computer using an SQL client program to verify network connectivity (such as HeidiSQL).

I have rented a server from a gameserver hosting company. Where do I find the database address and credentials?

You will find them in the config_local.cs file. It is located in the main directory of the gameserver. The database name is a combination of lif_ and your World ID, found on top your world configuration XML file. i.e. lif_4 for WorldID 4.

Some hosters may restrict access to this file and show the database credentials on a dedicated page or your server/account details. When in doubt, contact their support.

I have setup a LiF:YO server at home. How can I add it to FeudalTools?

Home setups are not supported. However, if you have technical experience you may be able to make it work. FeudalTools needs to connect to your database over public internet. So your server and database must be accessible through a public IP address. This is usually done trough port forwarding on your home router. Any configuration detail is very individual to your setup and can’t be answered in general. Use Google to find information on how to make local services available on the Internet through port forwading.