Tradeposts Server-Side Installation

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In order to get the trading post mod up and running on your server, the server must be registered and permanently connected in the FeudalTools Server Manager using an active premium account.

Download the server-side mod

First you have to download the server-side mod files. You can find the download option in FeudalTools’ Server Manager on each servers detail page.

Unzip the Tradepost folder in your server main directory (where the .exe is located).

Tradepost Mod Setup

Edit the contained config.cs file in the Tradepost folder and adjust the ServerID setting. It must match your servers ID on the Server Managers detail page for your server. There’s an example in the Tradepost Mod download dialog.

Furthermore, add this line to the end of your servers main.cs file:


Restart the server after this.

Activate The Tradepost Mod

In the Server Manager’s detail page you can toggle the tradepost mod on and off for each server. Note that it is OFF by default. You’ll have to enable it if you are using the tradepost mod for the first time on this server. The enable/disable option is available for premium accounts only.

More information

We have a full user guide online that explains the trading post mechanics and functions.

For questions, requests and bug reports feel free to drop a message in the Forums or Discord.