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The /TTmod/config.cs file allows for customizing a couple of things.

RCON Interval

The mod checks the database for new RCON commands that were submitted through the Livemap by this interval (default 20 seconds). If you use RCON frequently, you might want to decrease the interval so your RCON commands are executed faster. Be warned that very low intervals (like below 5 seconds) add additional load to the server and database and might degrade overall performance.

// Seconds between RCON polls
$NyuRCON::Interval = 20;

If you don’t use RCON at all or don’t even have a Livemap set up, you might as well configure a very high interval like 99999, so it never checks for new commands.

Message Of The Day (MOTD)

The MOTD feature can send a welcome message to new players connecting. This feature is disabled by default. To enable, change false to true and customize the MOTD message. You may use LiF standard color codes to highlight your text.

// MOTD Configuration (Message of the day)
 $TTmod::EnableMOTD = false;
 $TTmod::MOTD = "Welcome to my awesome server, {CharName}!";

If you would like to include the name of the player in the message, you can use the placeholder {CharName}.

Playtime Information

By default, TTmod will send the account and character playtime summary to every player logging in. If you want to disable this behavior, set this option to false.

  $TTmod::PlaytimeInfo= true; 

GuildGUI Configuration

If you are using a Livemap with Guild Management enabled, it’s highly recommended to enable and configure the GuildGUI. This allows players that have the GuildGUI client mod installed to view and manage their guilds ingame without the necessity to tab out, go to the Livemap and login through Steam. They can skip all these steps and open the guild management directly through the CTRL+G hotkey.

// GuildGUI Configuration
// Check the 'Information' tab on your Livemap configuration page to aquire your GuildGUI Address
$GuildGUI::Enable = false;
$GuildGUI::Address = "";

As stated in the comment, find your GuildGUI address on the Livemap Config’s Information tab and copy it into the quotes of the $GuildGUI::Address setting. Then change the $GuildGUI::Enable setting to true.